Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Why Should I care?

For the past couple of days I been asking myself why is the death of Kanye's mother impacting the hip-hop community. I understand that at this moment in time that Kanye is a mega star and everything, but why is the death of Kanye's mother so important. It was crazy because as I was flicking throught the channels I saw CNN had it scrolling across the bottom of the screen, and I was in a car with my boy goin to King of Prussia and they were dedicating songs to her and stuff.I was like WTF. I would like to ask a question to everybody and it is How has Donda West impacted your life besides the fact that she gave birth to Kanye? I garuntee that atleast 95% of hip-hop listeners would say she impacted them in no way. The other 5% were probably her students. In my opinion I think it could have been a big new story if she was shot or something, but she died gettin a tummy tuck. What a wack way to go out. My question is when Nas's mother died, why wasn't a big deal made out of that. She died of cancer not of cosmetic surgery, and Nas is the 2nd best rapper of all time.I didn't find out that she died until the Gods Son album. My thing is if your favorite actors mother died we would not know about it, or it would be briefly mentioned. I guess this shows that Kanye is one of the biggest people in popular culture right now. I understand she heavily influenced his music but there should not be this much press coverage. I think the reason why this is happening is because they need something to fluff up the news to distract us from all the crazy stuff thats really goin today. But anyway it is still a sad moment for the people who were close to her and I send my condolences out to those people. R.I.P. Donda West

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Naked Gun 33⅓: The Final Insult

Was there a gun in the robbery is the question. Yall know Im talkin about everybodys favorite murder, Mr. the glove didnt fit, aka If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer, bka Orange Juice. Yall know its Orenthal James Simpson. My first issue is what is a Orenthal. Now I know why niggas call him O.J. Yo my assessment of this situation is that he is a scumbag and regardless if he guilty or not he need to be under the jail. Its obvious hes a scumbag even if he didnt criminally conspire, Kidnap, assault, rob, all while wielding a deadly weapon. If the accusations are false he still had something to do with it. I think he probably wanted his memorabilia because thats all he got left, cause he really can't earn that much money because it will go to the families of those who he murdered.(according to the Civil Trial) Like I supported O.J. before but this was the final straw, this and the book. This nigga is so dumb. I think if he wasn't nice at football he would of probably did like 2 bids already, and he would be the 60 year old nigga who is gettin arrested for some drug shit after he beat up his white wife and they found some weed and pepsi (don't matter what the brand name is) in the crib. O.J. is not a good person and isnt doin anything to help the image of black people, so send that nigga to jail.

Is Nas a Gimmick Rapper

Is the 2nd best rapper ever (Biggie, Nas, Jay-Z,) a gimmick rapper.I hate to say it but im startin to feel this. Around a year ago Nas started his hip-hop is dead campaign and many agreed with it and it is part true. It was a dope album, but really lacked the creativity I expect from a Nas album. I just think it sounded rushed. It probably was because they probably realized they had to capitalize off the hype. This year the same thing seems to be happening. About a month ago Nas all of a sudden said his album coming in December but Def Jam was like they don't have Nas on the release schedule. All of a sudden a week later the recently updated release schedule come out and Nas is on it and is naming his album Nigger. I personally don't care about the name of the album. All together Im against the ban of nigger, nigga, or whatever. It has been used as a term of endearment for the past 40 something years and most people don't even know the origin of the word. Heres an interesting article
Anyway is Nas a gimmick rapper? Think back the last Nas album with a real hype behind its release was I am and Nastradamus, and the latter was terrible. He fell out of the spotlight until Hov bought him back wit the diss, and that generated hype behind it. Nas next 2 releases Gods Son and Street Disciple were both dope to me but didnt really have hype behind them. Next thing he signs wit Def Jam and says Hip-Hop is dead, and now its a anticipated album. Now Nigger. Even though I like the music I'm tired of there being some controversy behind these releases. The record industry generally does that with every big release, (see 9/11/07) but I just don't think Nas needs to do it. He is the 2nd greatest rapper ever. But anyway that was just some food for thought, you do the dishes.
Old cribs I sold, y'all drive by like monuments/Google Earth Nas, I got flats in other continents

I Can't Even Front

Yo can someone tell me why my favorite new show this season is Kid Nation.I think its very entertaining. I started watching it out of boredom. It was a Sunday morning before football came on and out here in Philly on Comcast they got Network Tv on Demand, and I thought ,what the hell lemme watch it. It pleasantly surprised me, and now every Wednesday at 8pm I stop everything Im doin like 106 and park is coming on. It is a kinda cheesy show. Kids from 8 to 15 are put in this fake city. They are divided into districts and have competition for who will be the upper class, the merchants, the cooks, and the lowly laborers. Each week they award a gold star worth 20gs for the hardest worker. I never thought i would enjoy a show wit like 10 black kids out of 40. Its crazy cause these kids are madd articulate. I know I wasn't talkin like that when I was 10. To tell the truth some of these kids talk better than how I talk now. They make them make decisions on what rewards they should get and the choice is stuff like a washing machine or a pizza party. They try to tempt the kids with stuff that will give them instant gratification but smartly they usually choose the items that will be beneficial for the rest of there stay. But anyway Im enjoyin this show along wit Gotti's Way, and Dirty Sexy Money. Overall, I must say that my favorite show on TV stars everyones favorite ex teen doctor NPH.

Finally- Nas feat Game Hustlers

My Nigga Game lookin like 02 Kayslay wit a Dapper Dan Louis V Snorkel


Me and my brother in law always talk about hip-hop. All day we usually rank producers and stuff like that. He challenged me to fill out this bracket. I did it off the top of my head. Just some shit I thought I would post. Feedback would be appreciated.
APP’s (All Purpose Producers- all around the board, hip hop, r&b & pop @least 10yrs)
1. Timbaland
2. Neptunes
3. J Dupri
4. Organized Noise
5. Trackmasters (dont hate they had madd hits in the last 10 years check wikipedia)
6. The Hitmen
7. Wyclef
8. Kanye
9. Salaam Remi
10. Swizz/Just Blaze
APP ( New Jacks/Present) Coulnt think of app so hiphop producers
2.Dj Toomp
3.Hi Tek
6.Scott Stortch
7.JR Rotem
8.Shawty Redd
9.Cool and Dre
All-Time Greatest Hip Hop Producers (must also display staying power)
3.DJ Premier
4.Ali Shaheed Mohammed/Q-Tip
6.Organized noise
7.Pete Rock
9. Havoc
10.Mannie Fresh/Hitmen/Easy Mo Bee
Greatest R&B Producers (last 10yrs n STILL doin it)
1.Rodney Jerkins
2.B Cox
3.Dallas Austin
4.Rapheal Sadiq
6.R. Kelly
7.Jermaine Dupri
8.Krucial Keys

My Nigga Will. I. Jiggaboo.

I must say before recently I would of called Will. I. Am. the definition of a jiggaboo. He sold out and went pop with Black Eyed Peas. He is an Exceptable Negro. Nas should of talked about him on Coon Picnic. Last year all of a sudden last year he started commin out wit hip-hop bangers and I can't even front the Fergie joint is kinda hot. Anyway im readin reviews and browsing hip hop forums and I hear he got a hot album. I was like WHAT!! But anyway when I got the cosign from some of my people I listened to it. Im not gonna say im feelin every joint, but he got a lot of hot ones on this Songs About Girls. The songs i dont like sound too much like black eyed peas songs but otherwise I like everything else. Im guessin I like this album cause thats the type of music I like. Im a N.E.R.D.(new joint coming march of april 08...Im hype) The other alternative type shit I been fuckin wit lately is that Kenna. He down wit the Neptunes so of course I mess wit it. Anyway I guess I like this type of music cause they talk about regular stuff. It might be a little off the wall (I swear some of these dudes be taking tabs), but they talk about stuff everybody could relate to. I mean I can't really relate to somebody huggin the block 24/7 (but I can relate to Fab who talks about Gettin fresh and bitches) but I can relate to this shit. I mean these niggas be extra emotional but I guess music helps them express their feelings. But anyway I never thought I would say it, but go cop that Will. I. Am. even though I didn't, but you got my cosign.